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Hag's Head Records
release date:

March 31, 2006


Hag's Head Records

All songs written by Barry McCormack

Barry McCormack - guitar, harmonica, banjuitar, percussion & vocals
Graham Hopkins - percussion
Shane McGrath - mandolin
Adrian Crowley - upright harmonium
Joss Moorkens - saw & accordion

Recorded by Barry McCormack
Mixed by Rob Bochnik
Mastered by Brett Sparks

Sleeve design by Niall McCormack
Cover painting by Adam Pomeroy

Last Night, As I Was Wandering

  • 1. Only Jesus Knows
  • 2. As I Went up to Redmond's Hill
  • 3. Come All You Young Sinners
  • 4. Do Not Revel in Your Woe
  • 5. In the Watches of the Night
  • 6. Scaldbrother's Ghost
  • 7. The Night They Drank the River
  • 8. Ballad of Booze and Bedragglement
  • 9. Waiting for Joe
  • 10. The Debtor's Jail
  • 11. I Fell into Old Ways
  • 12. Broombridge Incident
  • 13. Lament for Black Head
  • 14. Goodnight to You, One and All

"[Last Night, as I was Wandering] is a purgatorial stripmall facade of Nightown, populated by ghosts who walk: Kelly, Kavanagh, Behan, Dylan, MacGowan, the brothers Palace and Louvin and James Clarence's a body of song which understands that any port town is also a portal town, a hell door that admits all manner of strange sailors, strumpets and shape shifters.
...a lost weekend in a phantasmagorical theme park. I’d lobby for its creator to be awarded the freedom of the city, but going by these tunes, he’s already got it." Hot Press

"Timeless ballads from the dark side...the lyrics reveal a finely honed literary sensibility" Evening Herald

"You could imagine Shane MacGowan or Luke Kelly blasting out these songs and if that's not a recommendation, we don't know what is" RTE Guide

"As Tom Waits can pull off the adoption of a range of whiskey-soaked characters of all ages, so can McCormack." Capital Magazine

"McCormack sings with a voice beyond his years... he pulls you into the story; and when you come out the other side, your emotions are scrubbed raw. Since Luke Kelly, this town has not produced many singers who do it so well." Foggy Notions

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