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March 13, 2009


Hag's Head Records

All songs written by Barry McCormack

Barry McCormack - guitar and vocals
Gary Fitzpatrick - banjo, mandolin, accordion & backing vocals
Shane McGrath - mandolin, guitar & backing vocals
Colm Mac Con Iomaire - fiddle
Rob Bochnik - bannister percussion & backing vocals
Dave Trantina - backing vocals

Recorded & mixed by Rob Bochnik
Mastered by Brett Sparks

Sleeve design by Niall McCormack
Photography by Colm McCarthy

Night Visiting

  • 1. Sean Ryan
  • 2. The Man I Would Replace
  • 3. Pilot's Hill
  • 4. The Road to Tyrellspass
  • 5. The Waxing of the Moon
  • 6. Encounter on the Road to Cobh
  • 7. White Strand
  • 8. The Shiftless Son
  • 9. Tattersville
  • 10. Night Visiting

"If you like dark ruminations and tales that come from a trady tradition quite at odds with fifteen years of the Celtic Tiger you'll love Barry McCormack...probably one of the best songwriters in the country and eventually people are going to find out" Hot Press *****

"F***ing's a testament to McCormack's literary songwriting that his work stands up to intense scrutiny" Slate magazine ****

"McCormack takes his listener into dark, surreal and often downright funny territory...this is Patrick McCabe put to music. And just as in McCabe's novels the macabre and the hilarious often sit side by side." Irish Independent ****

"Doom-laden but blackly comical...such is McCormack's eye for folk and trad detail that one expects Captain Farrell to come galloping in all his pomp across the Cork and Kerry mountains...Ronnie Drew will rest easier with talent like this around." RTE Guide ***

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