release date:

October 21, 2016


Hag's Head Records

All songs written by Barry McCormack

Barry McCormack—vocals, acoustic guitar
John Hegarty—keyboards, electric guitar
Michael Murphy—bass
Joss Moorkens—drums
Gary Fitzpatrick—banjo, accordion, vocals
Stephen Shannon—electric guitar, baritone guitar, keyboards, synths
Mary Barnecutt—cello
Bill Blackmore—trumpet

Recorded by Stephen Shannon at Experimental Audio, Dublin, 2015/2016
Produced by Stephen Shannon and Barry McCormack
Mixed and mastered by Stephen Shannon

Sleeve photography by Raymond Beggan
Sleeve design by Niall McCormack

The Tilt of the Earth

  • All The Things You've Done
  • Cash For Gold
  • A Long Way Away
  • Take The Blows
  • The Great North Road
  • Gates Of Hell
  • The Chinese Barman
  • The Back Of The Pipes
  • A Little Knowledge
  • The Fellowship Of The Open Road

"A gutter poet with a keen eye for detail...these are beautifully dog-eared ballads of the disaffected."
- Hot Press

"shimmering sounds, canny storytelling"
- Irish Times

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